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ভারতের উত্তর প্রদেশে প্রলয়ঙ্করী ঝড়: মৃত ২৬ আহত ৫৭, ক্ষতির মাত্রা কতটা ভয়াবহ সেটা কল্পনাও করা যাচ্ছে না!!


Uttar Pradesh India Storm Meteorological storm hits UP: storm hits 26 people, injures 57

Uttar Pradesh India Storm:

At least 26 people were killed and 57 others injured when the storm, hurricanes, and lightning struck in different parts of Uttar Pradesh. State’s relief commissioner’s office said on Friday that six persons were killed in Mainpuri while three and three people died in Utah and Kasganj. He told that two or two people died in Barabanki and Farrukhabad.

According to the news agency language, according to the office of the relief commissioner, in addition to bad weather in Moradabad, a person died due to electricity collapse. Badaun, Pilibhit, Mathura, Kannauj, Sambhal and Ghaziabad, I have also died in such incidents that one person has died.

According to Mijali information, due to the storm and storm surge in different parts of the state on Thursday evening, the trees fell apart and many houses collapsed. It said that in these accidents, a total of 57 people were also injured in different districts of the state. Most 41 people were injured in Mainpuri.

India Storm
India Storm

Meanwhile, State Government spokesman Shrikant Sharma said that Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed in-charge ministers of the affected districts of Utah, Kasganj, Mainpuri, Badayun, Moradabad, Farrukhabad, visiting the respective districts. Supervise the relief work. He also instructed the district collectors of concerned districts to visit their areas and distribute relief.

The spokesman said that Atul Garg, the in-charge of the district Eta, Suresh Pasi of the district Kasganj, Girish Yadav of the district Mainpuri, Swamy Prasad Maurya of the district Badayun, Mahendra Singh of Muradabad district and Chaitanya Chatterjee, district in charge of Farrukhabad district.

He said that the help of four lakh rupees for the families of the victims has been announced by the Chief Minister. BSP President Mayawati has demanded adequate relief and compensation from the state government for the victims.

  • Tornado storms in 9 districts late on Thursday night
  • Mainpuri: At least six people died, most of them died due to lightning

Lucknow. In Uttar Pradesh, on Thursday night, 26 people were killed in separate incidents of the hurricane and more than 57 injured. Mainpuri has the highest number of deaths of 6 people. 41 wounded here Due to fallen trees on the National and State Highways, traffic was also interrupted at many places.

Meteorological Department director JP Gupta said on Friday that the threat of a storm is not yet over. There will be trouble for the next two to three days. People have been advised to be vigilant during the storm.

Rainfall was accompanied by strong winds in Mainpuri, Etah, Kasganj, Moradabad, Mahoba, Hamirpur, Farrukhabad, Badaun and Pilibhit in the last night. Hail also fell in many districts. According to the police, most of the people who were sleeping in their homes due to the storm and storm caused late night lost their lives or were injured. They did not get the chance to handle

The deceased’s family 4 million of aid
chief Adityanath announced to help financially 4 lakh for the families of the deceased. Government spokesman Shrikant Sharma said that according to the order of the Chief Minister the District Collector is keeping an eye on the situation. All the needs of the victims are being provided to the victims.

Uttar Pradesh Storm
Uttar Pradesh Storm

Twenty-two districts of Uttar Pradesh have been affected by the storm and hurricane sent in affected districts. Chief Minister Yogi instructed the in-charge minister to visit the affected districts and inspect the relief work. Chief Secretary Anup Chandra Pandey said that strict instructions have been given to the nodal officers and the district officials deployed in the districts that there is no fault in the relief work.

Most deaths occurred due to lightning

Most of the storm and rain occurred in mainpuri of the state. Apart from the death of 6 people, there have been more than 41 wounded. At the same time, 3-3 in Utah and Kasganj, 2 to 2 deaths in Barabanki-Farrukhabad and Badayun. Apart from these, 1-1 people died in Moradabad, Pilibhit, Mathura, Kannauj, Sambhal, Ghaziabad, Amroha and Mahoba. Most of these deaths occurred due to the fall of trees during lightning and storm.

Source: Bhaskar.com

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