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US latest rocket exploded
US latest rocket exploded

US latest rocket exploded, and the smoke was on the scene!

Undoubtedly, the United States is currently the world’s strongest aerospace technology. As early as 1969, the United States sent astronauts to the moon. Today, the United States’ aerospace strength is still strong, and its series of heavy-duty and super-heavy launch vehicles such as Hercules and Delta are both world-leading in terms of technical level and carrying capacity!

Even so, the United States has not slackened its research and development of new rockets and has been investing heavily in this field. However, the test will be risky. Recently, the next generation of the new launch vehicle Omega large-scale launch vehicle in the United States has failed in the static test of the ground, exploding and igniting a fire, and the smoke is on the scene. It is reported that the cause of the accident was caused by the bursting of the engine nozzle.

US latest rocket exploded
US latest rocket exploded

at present, the US launch vehicle still maintains the world’s largest thrust. The Saturn 5 launch vehicle has a thrust of 3,400 tons and a low-earth orbit capacity of more than 100 tons. It can easily transport a 50-ton spacecraft to the lunar orbit. Moreover, the United States has already begun research and development of rocket recycling technology, and its Falcon heavy-duty launch vehicle has been tested several times and achieved staged success.

US rocket exploded
US rocket exploded

In comparison, China’s largest Long March 5 large-scale launch vehicle, although its technical indicators are also very advanced, neither the volume nor the carrying capacity can be compared with the US heavy-duty launch vehicle, especially in terms of carrying capacity, the Long March 5 The maximum carrying capacity is only about 25 tons, less than one-third of the US heavy rockets. Although the gap is still large, China’s rocket technology, like other fields, is also developing rapidly.



I believe that in the near future, our carrier rocket technology level will also be able to enter the world first!

Source: Sohu.com

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