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পানামা : ঝড়টা এতটাই শক্তিশালী ছিল যে বড় বড় গাছগুলো মূলোৎপাটন করে শুন্যে আছড়ে ফেলেছে!!


Storm Hitting Panama

Storm Hitting Panama: The storm of the afternoon of this Thursday makes its ravages in Panama. Photos and videos

The strong storm that falls this afternoon in the capital city and that moves from the east to the province of Panama West increased the chances of flooding and landslides. This is due to the accumulation of water in the earth as a result of the rains of the early morning and of previous days, warned experts who ask the population to be aware of their surroundings and sudden increases in rivers and streams.

Panama gets severer loss for Storm attack
Panama gets a severer loss for Storm attack

The storm will also cause the loss of visibility of the drivers. Drivers used the road that leads to Tocumen corregimiento, because the Panamericana in front of Xtra supermarket on December 24 is flooded and traffic is affected. In addition, the parking of this supermarket is under the same conditions due to the large amount of rain that passes through the channels that are located in the surrounding communities.




Panama Disaster
Panama Disaster

Source: Midiario.com

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