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Linde Oxygen cylinder price in Bangladesh(BD), If the amount of oxygen in the blood is less than a normal thorough examination, then it is advisable to use oxygen as medicine, and if the oxygen is not used then the patient may have problems.

Oxygen is a transparent gas. Linde Oxygen Cylinder in BD gas is part of using human breathing. This material is found in the human body, the sun, the ocean, and the atmosphere. Without oxygen, people would not be able to survive. General use of oxygen.

Linda is widely used in Bangladesh nowadays. It is commonly used to keep people healthy due to their mental illness. Breathing is closely related to oxygen.

So those who suffer from this problem should live a somewhat controlled life. Except for drugs and oxygen, it is possible to reduce the severity of this problem by living a controlled life. In this regard, it is important for patients to be aware of all the things in life where there is movement, excitement, eating and drinking Linde Oxygen Cylinder in BD…

One of the things that can be avoided is the use of oxygen cylinders less :

  1. To avoid dust, use a mask on the face of the road.
  2.  It’s best not to use carpet at home.
  3.  Do not use incense at home.
  4.  Avoid using high levels of perfume.
  5.  Amp environment.
  6.  Cats, dogs or any other pet at home.
  7. When sweeping the house, use a mask or cover your face with a towel. Keep mosquito coils at a safe distance from them, too.
  8.  Keep it at a safe distance while spraying because it is also very harmful.
  9.  Smoking is essential in any way.
  10.  Avoid consuming cold water and cool food.
  11.  In the home, keep the food stored in the refrigerator well.
  12.  Use a mask or cover your face with towels even when shaking old book sheets and bedding or carpets.
  13.  In winter, use a coating dryer to dry in the sun.
  14.  In winter, use warm clothes.
  15. To avoid winter, use cotton or jeans instead of woolen fabrics.
  16.  Do not sit under or around a tree catching small or large flowers.
  17.  Flower petals will increase your breathing.
  18. When cooking, use a mask or dry cloth to avoid the spicy smell of the spices.
  19.  Keep an eye out so that the cockroach and the shepherd do not disturb the house.

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