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ভারতীয় বিমান বিধ্বস্ত: ১৩ সেনা নিহত

Indian Plane crashed
Indian Plane crashed

Indian Plane crashed: India has just had another accident! The Air Force transport plane lost its border, and 13 troops died.

In order to achieve the goal of dominating the South Asian subcontinent, India has continuously enhanced its military strength, but it is limited by the backward industrial base. For some advanced weapons and equipment, India can only be solved by buying. India has invested heavily in purchasing many advanced weapons from the United States and Russia and established its own modern army by buying India. Although the Indian army has many advanced weapons, it is not so easy to use, and problems often occur. The Navy and the Army’s weapons and equipment have problems. In many cases, the loss of personnel is not very large. If the aircraft goes down, it is often accompanied by heavy Casualties, unfortunately, another aircraft in India is missing.

On June 3, the World Wide Web quoted Indian television as saying that at 13:00 on the same day, an An-32 transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force disappeared near the border between China and India. Also missing were the 13 crew members on the plane, including 8 crew members and 5 passengers. At that time, the plane took off from Jorhard, northeast India, and was ready to fly to the Machuca military airport near the actual control line on the Sino-Indian border. The plane lost contact with the ground after about 35 minutes of takeoff.

ভারতীয় বিমান বিধ্বস্ত
ভারতীয় বিমান বিধ্বস্ত

The Indian Air Force is using all the power to find the missing plane. Even the Indian Defense Minister and Air Marshal are praying for the missing plane. However, the loss of contact between the aircraft and the ground often means accidents, and the terrain of the transport aircraft is complex under the terrain, dense forests, and it is very difficult to take off on land. There is almost no possibility of emergency and safe landing. That is to say, the plane is found to be afraid that it has already crashed, and this sudden accident, the passengers on the plane are often fierce.

The crashed An-32 transport aircraft is a twin-engine medium- and short-range transport aircraft developed by the Ukrainian Antonov Aviation Research and Technology Complex. It can carry 39 paratroopers, or a medical staff plus 24 stretchers wounded. India has 233 various types of transport aircraft, the largest in Asia, including more than 100 An-32 transport aircraft. This type of aircraft is the main model in the Indian transport fleet, and it is responsible for important transportation tasks. What makes Indians feel bad is that this transport aircraft often has “accidents”.

The World Wide Web reported on May 9 that an Indian Air Force An-32 transport plane took off at Mumbai airport and the plane rushed out of the runway, causing the runway to be unusable. Many flights were delayed, but no one was killed or injured. It was alleged that the pilot found a fault when the plane was about to take off and had to stop taking off. As a result, an accident rushed out of the runway. This kind of accident can only be regarded as a “small accident” in the Indian Air Force. Serious accidents causing major losses are commonplace in the Indian Air Force. On February 27, the World Wide Web quoted Reuters as saying that in the Kashmir region, a MiG-21 fighter jet of the Indian Air Force crashed, killing two pilots and a civilian. The Indian side said that the plane crashed for technical reasons.

Plane crashed in India
The plane crashed in India

Even the elite of the Indian Air Force can’t escape the fate of the crash. On February 19th, the World Wide Web quoted the Hindustan Times is reporting that two of the Indian Air Force’s “Sunshine” Air Show Team were at the Yelahanka Air Force Base in Bangalore, India. The plane crashed. Although the pilot ejected a parachute to escape in an emergency, one of the pilots died unfortunately and the other two were also injured. It is necessary to know that the Indian Air Force “Sunshine” flight performance team is composed of the flight elites of the Indian Air Force. The pilots are the top pilots who are drawn from the various squadrons. They often go abroad to perform, which is experienced. It is such an elite team that crashed two fighters at the same time, which is really surprising.

The high frequency of crashes in India is staggering, and the first few months of this year are particularly alarming. On February 13, a MiG-27 fighter-bomber from the Indian Air Force crashed and the pilot survived. On February 1, a Mirage 2000 fighter crashed while performing a test flight. Both test pilots died; January On the 28th, a “Jaguar” fighter-bomber crashed in northern India and the pilot managed to escape. With such a high density of crashes, I am afraid that the world will never find a second one. India has become the world’s number one accidentally.

The Indian Air Force’s crash occurred every other incident. The problem has not been solved for a long time. On the one hand, it is because India’s purchase of the “Wan Guo” weapons is indeed difficult to maintain; on the other hand, it also reflects India. The air force training is not solid. Whatever the reason, it has obviously brought a big blow to the development of the Indian Air Force. If this problem is not solved, there will be more aircraft than India can not become a powerhouse in the air.

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