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খোদায়ী গজবে পুড়ে ছাই হলো কথিত বাইবেল আর ১৩৪৫ সালে নির্মিত চার্চ!!!


Fire in Notre Dame Cathedral

Fire in Notre Dame Cathedral,

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris has caught fire, with flames visible from the roof and firefighters attending the scene.

Images emerged showing the upper parts of the gothic cathedral engulfed by flames. The 90-meter-high spire and parts of the roof completely collapsed, and the fire spread to the bell towers. It took nine hours to bring it under control.

The fire started at approximately 7 pm local time and brought hundreds of people out into the street of Paris.

A spokesperson for the cathedral told Associated Press that the cathedral’s wooden interior was ablaze and likely to be destroyed.

“A terrible fire”

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo described it as “a terrible fire” on her Twitter page and urged onlookers to respect the security boundaries in place while the fire brigade tackled the blaze.

French president Emmanuel Macron canceled a speech he was due to give so he could attend the scene. He also made a statement on Twitter, describing the situation as “emotion of a whole nation”.

“Thought for all Catholics and for all French. Like all our compatriots, I am sad tonight to see this part of us burn,” he said.

Renovation works thought to because

The cause of the fire is unconfirmed, but officials told BBC News it might be linked to renovation.

The historic cathedral had been in bad condition after decades of damage from weather and pollution. Large cracks and fissures had appeared in the structure, and many of its gargoyles were either damaged or destroyed.

Source: https://www.dezeen.com/2019/04/15/notre-dame-cathedral-fire-paris/


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