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Chile bus crash

Chile bus Accident and Plane crash

Chile bus Accident and Plane crash:

Women among 6 dead in Chile bus crash

SANTIAGO – At least six people were killed and 30 others injured after a bus overturned in the La Araucania region of south-central Chile, according to the Pullman bus company that owns the vehicle on Saturday.

The accident occurred Saturday morning, claiming the lives of four women and two men, one of whom was a Paraguayan citizen, said Jose Silva, manager of corporate affairs.

Causes of the accident have yet to be determined, given the bus was currently on technical revisions, Silva told EMOL.

The vehicle left at 23:00 on Friday (0300 GMT on Saturday) for the southern areas of Llanquihue, Puerto Varas, and Puerto Montt with 52 passengers, two drivers, and one assistant aboard.

The executive expressed his sadness over the event, saying the company had commissioned buses for the victims’ families to get them to the hospitals where their relatives had been sent.

“As a company, we are so sorry about what happened. We send our condolences to the families of the deceased victims. These are unforeseen events,” the manager said.

Local police reported that the driver had lost control of the bus, which then flipped onto its left side, but more information is being collected from those involved to clarify the situation.

Source: Chile News

Half a dozen dead after plane crashes into Chile house

SANTIAGO – At least six people have died after a small plane crashed into a residential building in the Chilean city of Puerto Montmut on Tuesday.

According to preliminary data, all the dead were on board the plane.

The accident took place shortly after the plane took off from the private airfield “La Paloma,” located 2 km from a residential area in Puerto Montt city in the Los Lagos region.

Plane crashes into Chile house

The plane belongs to private company Archipielago, which operates commercial flights.

According to the governor of the Los Lagos region, the house in the accident was not occupied and completely destroyed by fire after the plane full of fuel exploded.

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Source: Chile New Plane Crash

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